Bonus Material - Ronnie the Instigator

In the inaugural episode of Bonus Material Ronnie and Zach discuss kids, death, Batman, and more. The guys also let the listeners know what movies and TV shows they’ve been watching over the past month. Lastly, they discuss Ronnie’s recently aired episodes on Westworld: Season 2.

Time Stamps:

00:00:09 Intro

00:00:54 Kid talk

00:01:28 Death talk

00:02:26 Movies we’ve seen lately

00:06:14 Ben Affleck as Batman

00:10:18 Who’s your favorite Batman?

00:12:32 Ronnie’s Gary Oldman story

00:14:12 Zach’s Michael Cudlitz story

00:19:52 TV shows we’ve been watching

00:22:33 Ronnie tries to get Zach in trouble

00:26:35 Merchandise fail!

00:29:34 We talk about Ronnie in Westworld

00:37:40 Zach talks house hunting in LA

00:40:25 New Revered Network Podcast conversation

00:42:07 The funniest obituary to be put to paper

00:45:52 Outro 

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