Bonus Material - Ronnie the Patient

In this week’s episode of Bonus Material Ronnie and Zach discuss the month’s events. They talk about Ronnie moving into a new house, other podcasts, their upcoming film work, and even Zach spilling beer on his laptop. There is so much more nestled within this hilarious episode, and we hope you enjoy it!

Time Stamps:

00:00:10 Intro

00:00:56 Moving into a new house

00:03:24 Running the Revered Network

00:07:42 Beer + Laptop = Panic Attack 

00:11:15 Last movie seen

00:13:28 Sons of Anarchy/Charlie Hunnam talk

00:15:30 Ronnie’s guest star on Sons of Anarchy

00:20:20 TV show talk

00:23:24 The Kevin Smith section

00:27:35 The Justin Long section

00:29:41 New podcast announcement

00:31:52 Booking guests for Music Revered

00:36:07 Zach’s podcast rant

00:42:22 Merch talk

00:43:54 Ronnie threatens Zach’s life for the second time

00:45:42 DC’s streaming service

00:48:49 Goliath and Billy Bob Thornton

00:50:21 Zach and Ronnie’s upcoming work

00:57:54 Little Leo

00:58:54 Outro

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